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Well, school has been fairly busy lately, so I haven't submitted anything. Not that I haven't been doing art... no! I've been sketching and figure drawing and doing animations all day long! I just haven't been able to make a finished picture for deviantart. All my extra drawing time has been going into a comic (*ahem, graphic novel*) that our animation club has been making! It's an awesome story in several parts that we've been working on all semester. Part one is due to come out really soon! We're sending it to for printing. It's pretty cheap, too! We'll see how the comics turn out, and I'll definitely let you guys know if it's a good place to get stuff printed. Hmmm, maybe I should finish a couple of my own comic strip ideas and post them...


I've discovered the magic of icons! Here's an example of the total awesomeness of people on deviantart. I randomly found this today:


And so I decided to explore! Now see my strange thought patterns!
:iconbatmanplz: = :iconkuroganeplz: :iconcoolplz: :iconfyeplz: = :iconmuffinplz: = :iconhungryplz:
  • Listening to: My "The Fray" pandora station
  • Reading: Les Misérables
  • Watching: Black Jack (Awesome, dude!)
  • Playing: Supah Smash Bruthas!
  • Eating: Homemade jerky
  • Drinking: Hot Chocolate ^^
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January 21, 2010


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