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Yep. Too bad, you guys, :iconmizu-taji: beat you to it. Such dexterous fingers! If anyone is interested, This is where you can find the image… . Mizu even circled the number and put a smiley face on it all awesome-like!

If you happened to get a screenshot of #3,001, Speak now or forever hold your peace! It's not too late!

In other news, finals week is all up in my grill and I'm trying to deal with it at face value. I have a couple of horrendous comprehensive exams to take, and I need to study like nuts so I don't hyperventilate in the testing center. So sorry if I don't respond to you right away- I'll get to it! I promise! It may be after Wednesday, but I will respond.

Also, Brad Bird rocks.

That is all.
  • Listening to: A random brass band outside my building (weird).
  • Reading: My textbooks :(
  • Playing: SSBM
  • Eating: Nutella and Saltines!
  • Drinking: What else? Sunny D!!
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April 18, 2010


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