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Okay, I wanted to let everyone know about the amazing movie that I just saw with the animation club... The Princess and the Frog! Being animation people, we all got really excited about Disney's return to 2D animation.

We went to the theatre on opening night and all sat next to each other. We laughed harder than anyone else at all the gags that the animators stuck in there, and we wondered over aspects of the movie that made other people turn around and give us funny looks. ("They must have had a million layers!" "See the way his lips pucker?" "Those evil monster shadows are beautiful!" "Look at those bubbles!")

The movie was amazing! Do you  know how amazing it was? I'm actually debating whether it's my favorite movie or not (and if there's even a shadow of a doubt as to whether it's better than Treasure Planet, you know it's epic)!  One of my friends caught this: in an opening part, when a lady is beating a rug, it's the magic carpet from Aladdin. And pay attention during the Mardi Gras festival: you just might see some other familiar characters in the Disney repertoire. :)

And I'm kind of dreading a violin recital that I have to do... the recital part, the practicing part, and the 'finding an accompanist' part. Do you know how uncomfortable it is to go down a list of accompanists and be refused (however kindly) by each because they will be home for Christmas before I even have my recital? I'm beginning to think I'll have to play it alone. I would have no regrets were I to fall and break my left wrist before the recital...

Just kidding. That would be painful. :) I don't really wish bodily harm on myself, I am just not looking forward to this uncomfortable experience...
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panther-darkart412 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
YOU SEEN IT!?!?!!?
I is jealous!
i can't wait to watch it.

Ah, well good luck with your recital!
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December 12, 2009