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Submitted on
November 12, 2010


Hey, guys!

Ever heard of a six word story? It's basically a story summed up in six words. Hemingway came up with an excellent example:"For sale: baby shoes. Never worn." Orson Scott Card's take was this: "The baby's blood type? Human, mostly." There was even a book published recently called "Not Quite What I was Planning", which is a bunch of six-word memoirs. They include gems like "Extremely responsible, secretly longed for spontaneity." and "Painful nerd kid, happy nerd adult."

What kind of six-word stories can you come up with? They can be about your life, a story you're writing, or anything at all!! Here are a couple of mine, just off the cuff. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Contest: His instinct, your legs. RUN.

I only missed her every day.

Wanted: Bear catcher and drywall repairman.

One silver bullet left. You missed.

CRASH. Midnight never fell peacefully there.
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This looks likes fun:
Next time, I'll just take cab.

They say I'm crazy, they're right.

Coffee, the only reason I'm awake.

I should've know better...but didn't.
:D Nice!! I think I like the second one best.
The second is pretty much my all around.
animatrix1490 Nov 12, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
A sneeze. A hanky. Panama.

I died into an unexpected life.

There are no spoons. Think fast.

Psychics rarely summon demons. On weekdays.

Identity literally stolen. Who's that kid?

Master of the world contest. Soup.

Never upset an empty, hateful universe.

There are never enough stories told.

Artist out of ideas finds crayons.
Wow, you're good at this!

Hmm, I think my personal favorite might be either "I died into an unexpected life" or "Physics rarely summons demons. On weekdays." I didn't really understand "Master of the world contest. Soup."
animatrix1490 Nov 13, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks! I don't understand half of those, too. I think the idea was that there was a Master of the World Contest that was to be decided by soup. Or something.
I also REALLY like the afterlife one. I might have to develop that... :)

It was a super-fun challenge! Even though I'd heard of it before, I hadn't ever tried it. Thanks for putting it up!
SuperheroGeek13 Nov 12, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
I really like the ones you came up with. Clever. This is a great writing exercise. Here's what I could come up with. Not nearly as good as yours though. ^^

Heroics: his dream. Evil: his curse.

Reluctant superhero. But still a hero.

Galactic rebellion is kid's stuff. Sometimes...
Whoa! I like those! Especially the reluctant hero one.
SuperheroGeek13 Nov 13, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks. :aww:
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